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I knew right away when I booked this wedding that this couple was going to be fun.  When I talked to Brittney about what she wanted for the photo’s…she said SNOW.  I was completely on board because we talked about the outfits planned and Im always a fan of snow pictures.  The night before/day of the session, we got a snowstorm and it look BEAUTIFUL outside…but it was literally FREEZING outside.  Brittney was a champ working through the cold temps and it was totally worth it.  The outfits were AMAZING and can we talk about the sweet dog!?  Any session when a client brings their furry friend – I’m excited.    Their wedding is late this year at the Swan Barn in the dells.  🙂

I couldn’t wait to share this session with you, so enjoy!


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I can’t believe we are entering February and we’ll be talking about scheduling Senior sessions soon!  Seems hard to think about with this cold weather we’re having!

This girl was so fun to have behind the camera.  She’s so photogenic and we loved every part of her session!


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Man!  Last year, I had so many amazing sessions.  I often remember driving home almost feeling on a high from the shoot.  I would come home, post something on facebook, edit the rest of the gallery and send it off.  Usually, there were SO many photo’s I wanted to share and I always would think “I’ll do a blog post about it” and clearly….that never happened.  I think every year, I say I’m going to get better at keeping up on my blog, but when summer and fall hit – my time is consumed by shooting, editing and getting galleries delivered to clients.  I realize how important it is to take the time to blog…so again, this year – I plan to *attempt* to blog more.  For some reason, this usually lasts a few weeks, or even a month and then slowly dwindles down to never!  That being said – I really am going to try make it a priority to get some of my sessions from last year up here and continue to blog throughout the year.
Starting with this session.  Actually, this was one of the first sessions I did after coming back from maternity leave.  I always look forward to seeing this family and their furry friend.  Take a look and Enjoy!


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I’m excited to share this beautiful wedding with you guys!  Everything was perfect about their wedding day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!  I don’t have much time today to write everything about their special day, so I’m going to let the photo’s speak for themselves.  🙂


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Everyone always told me that time flies after having a baby and to cherish every minutes.  I always knew this would be true, but I didn’t realize HOW fast time would go.  Today, Ezra turns one month and it’s so bittersweet.  This first month has gone by faster than I ever could have imagined and I’m SO happy and this month has gone so great, but I’m sad that he’s already changing so much and getting so big.  He has been a dream baby – he loves to sleep (like his parents) and he’s a good eater (again, like his parents).  It took a while for him to like to eat – but once he got the hang of it, he’s learned to really enjoy it!  HA!  Since we got to stop waking him up during the night to feed him (he lost weight when he was born, so we had to wake him up for a while until he was back up to his birthweight) he’s been sleeping amazing.  The first night I didn’t set my alarm, he slept 6 hours and it just kept getting better!  This week, he’s had 3 nights that he’s slept through the night!  I know this isn’t normal and I’m spoiled, but I’ll take it!  I enjoy my sleep too!

I wanted to take some time to show him off and all our amazing photo’s we’ve had taken since he was born.  We had both a lifestyle newborn session done in our house and then we also did a studio session for him (can you tell I’m obsessed with pictures?).  I think he’s a pretty sweet little guy and I really love his hair.  At one of our ultrasounds at the end of my pregnancy – the tech said she could see hair so I was pretty excited about that.  🙂

I’ve had several people ask me about his nursery and want to see pictures.  I’ll be honest, I’m pretty obsessed with his nursery – it’s defiantly now my favorite room in the house (and I love my house!).  I spent a lot of time dreaming and planning out exactly how I wanted my nursery to look someday….and it came together perfectly.  The walls were all re-painted white, then I pained the shiplap, my dad and I hung all of it and then I was able to decorate and have it all come together.  Since we didn’t find out the gender before he was born, I wanted it to be neutral and for (hopefully) future kids, I wanted it to be good for either a boy or a girl.  So take a look at how it turned out!  🙂


This guy had some fun plans on how he wanted to be born.  I always said “I don’t have a plan” but clearly, I had a plan….and my plan was NOT to end up having a c-section.  HA!  So, he wanted to make sure, from day one…that life revolves around him and HIS plans from now on!  We had to have an ultrasound at 30 weeks and he was breech…of course, he’ll flip, right!?  Well, at 36 weeks – I just had a “feeling” he still wasn’t head down and I asked the doctor at our appointment.  He said he wasn’t 100% sure so ordered an ultrasound.  Of course, we found out at that ultrasound – he was breech.  I cried…a LOT!  I went home and was bound and determined to get this guy to flip.  I, no joke, laid upside-down with ice packs on the top of my stomach, went to a chiropractor, put pillows under my hips when I was in bed….I did this for hours a day – and NOPE!  He was perfectly comfortable and content having his head in my ribs.  So, we decided agains doing a version (having the doctors try flip the baby) because there was just too many risks and I knew I needed to stop being so selfish and wanting that “natural” birth and put him and his safety first.  We scheduled the c-section and didn’t tell any of our family – so we were still able to surprise them when he made his debut!  I had hired a birth photographer well before we announced publicly we were pregnant, and it definitely is something I am SO thankful we have.  The day of the c-section (lets be honest….the few weeks leading up to the c-section) I was pretty stressed and scared.  I’ve never had a surgery before and the thought of being awake knowing they were cutting me open just completely freaked me out.  But, it all went well and was TOTALLY worth it.  The day was such a blur and I would have forgot so many things if I didn’t have the photo’s.  I would have forgot that we forced my hubby to eat a lunchable before the c-section because he didn’t eat before we went to the hospital (he said that he was trying to support me – I couldn’t eat, so he said he didn’t want to eat either), that Steve watched the end of the brewers game on his phone with Ezra shortly after he was born (you’ll see in the video), that we jokingly said we had the “ocean view” room at the hospital because it was going to be the most expensive “vacation” we’d go on, hearing “it’s a boy!” when Ezra was born or his first cry!  I’m so glad we have that all documented.  So many people think I’m crazy when I tell them that I LOVE shooting births.  Most people think it’s gross or crazy, but I LOVE the emotion and documenting all those little moments.  For me, it’s something I will cherish all my life.  I can’t wait to be able to show Ezra someday.  So, if you’d like – take a look at Ezra’s birth video! Don’t worry, it’s completely PG!

As far as the studio and work goes!!!!  I want to take off a few more weeks, but I do plan to be back working the first week of June!  I am taking limited evening appointments (no more than 3/week) but taking morning appointments same as I did last year.  I know June and into July is really starting to book up quickly  – so don’t wait too long if you want a session in June/July!  Right now, through the end of May I’m running a special on Seniors and have several booked already.  If you’d like more info or want to set up a senior session – contact me!  If you have any questions on anything or want to set something up – feel free to message me!  🙂

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