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Ezra’s 10 months!

Two things I remember as a child….I LOVED taking pictures and I wanted to be a mom.  Clearly, both of those dreams have come true and seriously my heart bursts every single day with how blessed I am!  Ezra is growing like crazy and he has such a BIG personality.  There is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t make us laugh!  He has been changing so much lately….he (finally) popped a tooth while we were in Florida.  We were sitting at Sea World and he kept wanting to put my fingers in his mouth – I put my finger in and there was a TOOTH!  He showed no signs of a tooth coming through but there it was!  I’ve been wondering if he’s working on the next one because he has been drooling SO much these past few weeks, so we’ll see!  As I said – we went to Florida at the end of January with my parents.  I was a little concerned because if you know Ezra – you know that he refuses to sleep anywhere but in his crib…at home.  Sooooooo….I thought it could be a long week if he decides he isn’t going to sleep – but he did really well.  I was pleasantly surprised – maybe because of was preparing for the worst?  LOL!  While there we went to the Kennedy Space Center (it was awesome, highly recommend that), the beach, Disney Springs, the giant Ferris Wheel, Sea World, a lot of restaurants and just hung out at the pool at our condo.  We really enjoyed our week away.  Steve’s flight home Wednesday night was cancelled (we were gone the week that it was like SUPER cold back here in WI) so he was able to stay the rest of the week with us – which was really nice.  Ezra mastered the army crawl while we were there and he’s been non-stop since.  He loves being on the move.  We’ve had to really start baby-proofing our house and he still finds every little crumb that we forget on the floor.
I obviously take a lot of photo’s of him.  If you know Ezra – you know this kid never stops smiling….until I bring my camera out.  Then, it’s like pulling teeth to get him to smile.  LOL!  Once in a while he’ll give me one – but they are very few and far between.  So, it kinda cracks me up being a photographer and knowing how much my kid smiles that he won’t when I bring my camera out.  Rather than posting these pics all separately, I figured I’d join them together and make one blog post.  So, here ya go!  I also don’t think I ever posted his 9 month picture, so that’s first!  🙂


This boy LOVES baths – like he splashes and kicks and laughs the entire time!  I wanted to give him a sink bath and do pics…and SERIOUS!  No smiles, no kicks, no splashing…nothing!  LOL!  Oh well, he’s still adorable!


And yesterday I took him to the studio with me while I’ve been doing some cleaning/re-organizing and he didn’t want to smile again.  It kinda cracks me up!  He learned “So-Big” recently and also started clapping, so you’ll see him doing that in some of these at least!  And his new thing is smiling with his entire face – so that’s the best I got for a smile!  It is pretty cute though!



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