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Families and Kids


As a photographer I have a heart for people and love all of the sessions I shoot but if there’s one thing that sticks out, it’s families and kids.  I love to capture the connection between parents and their mini-me’s.  It is my goal to keep sessions light-hearted and fun so everyone has a good time (lets be honest – most dads hate having their photos taken, so when I hear a dad actually ENJOYED a session with me – I’m happy).  I work with each client to make their session special and plan all my locations ahead of time with them.  If you have a special place that means something to you – lets use it!  I am always up for exploring a new place and making your session unique.

If your session is a family session I always do photos of the entire family, as well as the kids and then I like to break it down and do photo’s of each kid individually. Then, I always like to sneak the parents away for just some photo’s of just the 2 of them. I feel like parents often get missed during sessions, so I make it a priority to get a few shots just of them.

My style for these sessions is a good mixture of both posed and candid shots.  Getting little kids to warm up to the camera can be hard at times – so I always like to play games with them or have the parents included in the beginning while they warm up to me!  Usually, by the end, I’m best friends with them.

I also enjoy capturing the furry members of your family. If you have a dog (or dogs) that you want included, bring them with and I will make sure to capture their interaction with your family and get them to smile for pictures!


When it comes to clothing – I’m more than willing to help you out.  I LOVE to offer styling tips and I have an entire Pinterest board made up of different clothing inspirations!  I want everyone to coordinate colors, but not be too matchy-matchy (everyone in khaki’s and black shirts – that was 10 years ago!).  I always suggest picking out a color scheme and sticking to a few color options!  Mix in some patterns and don’t forget to accessorize!  If it’s a winter session, make sure to dress warm but have fun with your hats/coats/mittens.  If it’s 20 degrees outside and you come wearing clothes short sleeves, no one will be happy!  Same thing if it’s 90 degrees and you come wearing a sweater. Dress for the season and your shoot will be a success!

View my Families and Kids portfolio to get a glimpse of what your session will look like.

Family and Kids include:

  • Pre-session planning phone call or e-mail
  • Outfit coordination and styling tips
  • Approx. 1 hour session
  • Special location important to you and your family
  • Sessions start at $250*

*Packages can be customized. Call me at 920.210.9830 or e-mail katie_m_db@yahoo.com for more information.