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This wedding was one for the books.  Shot in May and we had SNOW in the morning.  It was for sure the coldest wedding I’ve ever shot in May, but these guys were awesome!  The wedding party, the families and everything else was just amazing!  They were married at Good Shepard Church in Beaver Dam and the Reception was at Old Hickory!  Here is just a small peak at their wedding!  🙂


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My Grandma was the most wonderful ladies I have ever met.  She was so kind, sweet, God-fearing and loved and cherished her family.  Growing up, she would take always go strawberry picking and every once in a while, us grandkids would be able to go along.  When I was little, this seemed like work and wasn’t always the most fun – but after we were done picking….she always took us out for ice cream (which was probably the only reason most of us went!)!  There are often days that go by where I think about my Grandma and miss her.  She was one special grandma (and I think all my cousins would agree) and we loved spending time with her.  We would have slumber parties at her house where I would always get kicked out of the “big girls” room because I was the youngest (right Mandy, Steph, Jen and Niki?) so I’d usually get to snuggle with her extra.   She always took time out of her day to spend time with us.  Well, earlier this week – some of my aunts and cousins decided to go strawberry picking and her name got brought up so much!  My sister took her kids along and hopes that her kids can have those same memories with our mom as we do with our Grandma.
Ps – if your looking for a great place to pick strawberries, check out Kirschbaums by Beaver Dam.  The strawberries were amazing!  🙂

How cute are these kids!?  2016-06-17_0005PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0006PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0007PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0008PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0009PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0010PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0011PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0012PINIMAGEFinn wasn’t the best picker….  🙂  2016-06-17_0014PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0015PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0016PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0017PINIMAGE
This little guy sure loves his Grandpa!2016-06-17_0018PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0019PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0020PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0021PINIMAGE
Jonas loved eating them.  But seriously – how cute are these kids!?2016-06-17_0022PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0023PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0024PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0025PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0026PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0027PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0028PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0029PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0030PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0031PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0032PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0033PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0034PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0035PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0036PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0037PINIMAGE2016-06-17_0038PINIMAGE
The entire group that was able to make our “spur of the moment” strawberry picking date.  2016-06-17_0039PINIMAGE

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Samantha and Henry….where do I start.  This session was amazing.  Tons and tons of fun and we laughed almost the entire time!  They are huge Packers fans (which, is always a plus in my book) so we had a little fun doing some football pictures and also mixed in some more serious photo’s.  They also had a dog that they decided to leave at home, but after we got to talking – they decided to stop back and grab him before we headed out to the farm to finish the session.  He was a hyper little guy, but I always love when couples include their furry friends in photos!  We thought we were finished with the session, but found this amazing creek (which, was FREEZING by the way) so we pulled over along side of the road and walked down to it.  They were huge troopers getting into the water, but I think the photo’s made up for the freezing cold water!  Enjoy some photo’s from their session!  I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you!


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I have had some of the most amazing sessions lately!  It’s been starting to get crazy busy and I’m loving every minute of it!  This little guy came to the studio with a huge smile and it really never stopped the entire session!  I could have taken him home with me when we were finished – he was so awesome!



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These kids!  I’ve photographed them since they were both born.  Blake always gave me a run for my money, but Natalie has always just been the sweetest!  We had this session scheduled for about a month, and of course – it was one of those lovely spring days where it was 36 degree’s, super windy and rained on and off all day.  We hustled through this shoot in record time – and I commented after that we need to be on a time crunch every time I do their photo’s because we got SO many great pictures of these guys!  Here are just a few!  Enjoy!


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