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          Oh my goodness!  This sweet girl treated me well!  She came in asleep and I’m pretty sure she never woke up!  🙂  Hey parents actually live in Tennessee and they were in WI visiting family shortly after she was born and they contacted me for a newborn session, which I was so honored to do!  She was the sweetest!  I can’t believe she’s almost 6 months old!!!  I sure do wish her family was going to be visiting again soon so I could do her 6 month photo’s! LOL


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          This session couldn’t have been more perfect!  Not only was the weather perfect, the park was empty, the baby was SO happy and the colors were amazing!  I remember leaving and driving home wishing I could edit the entire session as soon as I got home.  Instead, I made a stop at noodles for pasta and edited them the next day!  LOL!  Take a look!  🙂


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          Oh this session.  We took the long drive to this amazing location.  The whole drive, it was bright and sunny – – just beautiful.  As I got a tad closer, some clouds started to roll in but I didn’t think too much of it.  The session was scheduled for 7:00pm and no joke at 6:55pm the skies opened up and it started storming something fierce!  Bolts of lightweight, loud thunder HEAVY rain – – it was honestly insane.  We decided to wait it out in our vehicles and do the best we could, praying it would stop.  Finally, the rain stopped enough that we could go out and start.  Once we walked down into the woods to get to the waterfall, it was so dark!  It made for some dark and moody photos, which I kinda love.  We literally worked so fast and ended up getting some really really amazing photo’s!  We even ended the night with a date to Culver’s for ice cream and cheese curds, which is always a win in my book.  The storms started back up and I got to watch a pretty amazing lightning show for my drive home!

          We did another session on their farm in the fall, which I’ll be posting soon!  That night, was much different than this one – it was sunny and beautiful!


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          Looking back at some of these SR sessions from last year is getting me so excited for the SR’s I have booked for summer already!  I know I love all types of sessions, but there is something I really love about photographing Seniors.  I think it’s because we chat about what their plans are after school, where they want to go to college and what their dreams are!  I love hearing about it and being able to support them!

          Right now, I’m running my specials for the class of 2021.  Book a session and get $50 AND 96 wallets!  Please message, email or call me to ask questions or schedule their session!  🙂


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